Leadership Experience for Today's Challenges

Bob is a fiscal conservative who will review city budgets to reduce expenses first and never vote for a tax or fee increase, bond, or higher power rates without public participation and support. His years of carefully managing mega-million dollar projects, plus his engineering background, and you have someone who is ready-made for the challenges that face Bountiful.

Bob is an experienced engineer and telecommunication business developer who will ensure the city owned and Utopia operated fiber network establishes the proper business model to capture revenue, expenses, technical and legal risks, customer service, and projections of industry trends.

Bob has hands on experience with city zoning and planning projects and supports the city efforts to update the General Plan. He will seek approval from residents and business owners before approving changes to zoning that may impact their neighborhood. Bob listens to community concerns and finds solutions that bring us together.

Bottom line, we need his expertise now more than ever.

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Bountiful is awesome! The community provides a great place to raise a family. Residents enjoy many fun and culturally uplifting events sponsored by the city and community leaders. Bob will continue to develop a lasting culture of community involvement from the city council including the many volunteer service projects that unite and benefit Bountiful.

Bountiful City’s success comes from the hard work planted by our community heritage, the city staff, and our elected leaders. Challenges facing our community include business development, transportation planning, affordable housing, parks, trails, roads, utilities, and many other services. Bob regularly attends city meetings and values the hard work of those who current participate. Bob understands these challenges and is prepared to carry on this legacy of hard work and service to the community.

Bob listens to community voices and understands problems from their perspective. Bob supports and will initiate efforts to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by prioritizing services and facilities that increase social interactions, family connections, exercise, and mental health benefits. Bob will protect citizen’s rights, support law enforcement, and review all city expenditures through the eyes of the taxpayer as a fiscal conservative. Together we can make a difference today and for the next generation.

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Bountiful City Manager identified the biggest challenge currently facing the city staff is managing the many projects already in work including fiber, new parks, trails, roads, and communications upgrade.

Bob is an experienced project manager and understands the importance of working together with subject matter experts to gather planning, deliverables, execution, budgets, and schedule information. A detailed plan reduces risks of project creep, cost over runs, and delays. A good plan identifies future operations and maintenance requirements not just current year expenses.

Bob will encourage and facilitate more detailed city project planning for current and future projects. The community can expect to know when infrastructure services will be provided and out year budgets for those costs.

Bob’s years of industry experience as a project engineer, telecommunications technology developer, and business manager provide valuable leadership experience needed for today’s challenges… and the future!

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Bob Lindsay's parents moved to Bountiful in the early 1950s and raised a family with values of serving the community. Bob attended Oak Hills Elementary, Hannah Holbrook, Bountiful Jr. High, and Bountiful High School. Bob’s wife Beckie, also raised in Bountiful, graduated from Viewmont High School. Together they raised their seven children in Bountiful all graduating from Woods Cross High School. Bob knows Bountiful and his neighbors throughout the community.

Our family served on the Bountiful Handcart Days committee supporting the traditions of community service instilled by our heritage. We held an annual bake sale in our front yard for seven years raising over $12,000 for the American Cancer Society. Our family served at the Bountiful Food Pantry helping others learn about community service by making pantry packs to alleviates hunger for at-risk children by providing meals and snacks for the weekends when school meals are not available to them.

Bob’s desire to serve the community comes by recognizing the benefits provided by the generations of devoted citizens who have served. Bob committed 14 years ago to get involved and be a voice in the community building bridges with concerned citizens and city leadership.

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After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Bob worked at Sperry Corp, now L3 Harris, for 17 years as a communications engineer and business development leader. Bob was a founding member of the JPEG and MPEG standards committees that established a technical baseline design for the growing Internet community.

In 1999, Bob opened a new business office in Salt Lake City for Harris Corporation developing telecommunications products and services. Teltronics purchased the business promoting Bob to Vice President of Engineering where he hired and managed many employees developing new and innovative products for the telecommunications industry for over a decade.

Currently Bob works for the United States Air Force, Hill AFB, as a civilian engineer branch chief supervising budgeting, scheduling, and reporting of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system engineering projects. Various assignments provide experience in development and planning for acquisition programs with budgets over $1B.

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